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Casa Esperanza, or New Mexico's "House of Hope," is a hospitality house and a full-service facility that serves pediatric and adult patients that have been referred to the Albuquerque area for cancer or major medical treatment. This nonprofit organization provides assistance, support, and services to affected individuals and their families across 33 counties statewide. Casa Esperanza is one of the oldest and most respectable hospitality homes in New Mexico.

About Casa Esperanza

Casa Esperanza is devoted to providing access to affordable lodging and support services to New Mexico's residents who live in rural areas. Quite often, individuals with serious medical conditions must travel great distances to obtain the healthcare services they need. Lack of access to sophisticated medical aid and distance to medical treatment facilities can result in poor patient outcomes, especially for individuals who live in economically depressed locations. Racial and ethnic minority groups are more likely to have adverse patient outcomes as well. In addition to medical treatment, individuals who suffer from major illnesses and diseases may not have access to the support services and lodging facilities they need.

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How Does Casa Esperanza Help?

Casa Esperanza helps more than 5,000 families in need each year. The House of Hope supports New Mexico citizens with low-to-moderate income levels traveling to Albuquerque to get the medical treatment they require. Casa Esperanza offers comprehensive support services, including food assistance, gas cards, lodging, taxi vouchers, social activities, and special programs. The organization also provides educational programs with information such as financial or legal assistance and clinical counseling for residents and their families through the Clinical Counseling Program.

What Can Visitors Expect?

Families traveling to Albuquerque temporarily for medical treatment will get a full range of amenities through Casa Esperanza. Accommodations are available for up to 28 families with occupancy of up to five people per suite. The house also has several ADA-compliant rooms. Along with private suites, families can enjoy Wi-Fi as an amenity at Casa Esperanza, along with a kitchen area and laundry facilities. Families traveling with children will also have access to a playroom and a playground. A community dining room is on-site for families to connect, and the facility has surrounding walking trails for recreational opportunities outdoors when weather permits.

To learn more about New Mexico's House of Hope, please visit Casa Esperanza's website for more information.