The remote start feature in your new Chevrolet model is incredibly easy to use. It's also a convenient feature to have available. No longer do you have to freeze inside of your vehicle while you wait for your engine to warm up. So many times, you've probably driven halfway to your destination shivering. In the hot summer months in Albuquerque, you can enjoy an air-conditioned vehicle that is ready for you to slide behind the wheel. If you've recently invested in a new Chevy and aren't sure how this remote start feature works, we have the steps you need to take. If you're just getting started shopping for a new vehicle, this guide will help you understand what the remote start feature is like.

Controlling Your Chevrolet Remote Start

Your remote start will function when you're approximately 197 feet away from your automobile. You'll also need to know what direction your vehicle is located because your fob will need to be pointed that way. Your interior climate controls will refer back to what they were set at when you were previously in the vehicle. If you left the air conditioning and heat off, then you'll merely be heating the engine. You can utilize your heating or cooling system as you see fit.

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When you're ready to start your Chevy remotely, point your fob in its direction. Press the lock button down, then switch over to the start button. You'll want to hold it down for about five seconds. You should hear the engine start-up at this point, and you can let go of the button once the engine is running. Your vehicle won't run indefinitely, so plan on either starting it up again or getting to your car shortly after starting it.

If you would like to take a look at some of the Chevrolet models that we have on our lot, which come with the remote start feature, contact us through our website for more information. We would be happy to set up a time for you to visit our dealership in Albuquerque to check our current inventory. Our website also has our most updated inventory information, so you can use this resource to shop from home as well.

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